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Friday, November 27, 2020

Kaon Ta!

This section is an attempt to capture the myriad food choices we have in Bacolod. But diner, beware: The views expressed here were drawn from past actual experiences. They may have improved or deteriorated over time and there is nothing like trying these food places yourself. Share with us your experiences. Email info@goodlifeinbacolod.ph


We tried this place in the few days after its opening and it somehow disappointed. Billed as the restaurant that serves modern Filipino, we...


Here now is the restaurant that should give Vikings a run for its money. Yakimix, the eat-all-you-can buffet that opened this year at...


East Pala-pala



Come to think of it, another resource we have not exactly fully developed, or updated with new culinary trends is one that we have...

Monte Shields

Michelangelo once said that there is a sculpture in every stone and that it was up to the artist to find it. In the case...

Covid-19 rages. But so does hope.

Instead of being paralyzed, people are standing up and facing the new realities that Covid-19 brought — lockdown, hunger, loss of income, boooredom, uncertainty...


OUR NEW GOVERNMENT CENTERS: Symbols of power – and beauty, modernization

By KAREN DINSAY Photos by Dorothy Gotico A town or city hall is undoubtedly a symbol of power. In recent years, it has also come to symbolize...

Siquijor, why not?

My Silay

Taking in Siquijor

Dash to Deadline

Art Heals: Artists as visionaries and handymen

When Covid-19 was still called the Corona Virus or NCoV and had not yet stirred the entire community, artists had it in their guts that they needed to come together and do something. Like true visionaries as artists are often called, Charlie Co, RA...



In Season

In Season features products that are, yes, in season and can be had in abundance and presumably cheaply.