Online Shopping 101: Get Spotted


by Christine Po-De Leon and Mary Grace R. Po
photos by MAGGIE WILSON /

Maggie Wilson
Maggie Wilson
Back in the days, when people wanted to buy something, they would need to dress up and pay for gas/taxi /jeepney fare to go to the nearest mall. And then, it would take more hours of walking around to find what they were looking for. They would need to spend more money for their dinner or merienda at these malls because a gastronomic feast is the best way to end an exhausting shopping experience. Although this still holds true today, the advent of the internet gave people a choice.

The internet has been around for already quite a while. But lately, especially with the ubiquitousness of “the” Facebook, the internet has become a tambayan of netizens of all ages. And because of this, the internet has also become a very effective tool for advertising and of course, online selling. The internet these days is filled with thousands of online shopping sites of all things you can imagine. From shoes to clothes, toys, kitchenwares, even vacation packages. Now this is what “…we got it all for you” truly means.

Maggie Wilson
Maggie Wilson
Except for having everything, what made online shopping a hit for both buyers and sellers is its convenience. One can shop in his/her pajamas at anytime of the day. Plus, the cost and time of going to the malls are spared, including all the walking-around. Everything that one needs can be found with just a touch of a button.

We are online shopping fans, especially of clothes. We love following the latest trends and we like the thrill of searching and buying for these trends online. Not only is this more convenient, but the items are cheaper than the prices at malls.

While we agree in investing in classic pieces like shoes and bags which we can use for years or for decades even, we believe that people really don’t need designer clothing for all their clothes. If you have something that fits well, looks good on you, and that you like, then that’s good enough. These need not be expensive. Trendy, of good quality and affordable clothes for a more confident and empowered you: these are the basic concepts behind every Get Spotted collection. Get Spotted is an online clothing store which we only started this year. We believe that clothes reflect one’s personality. A nicely-dressed person reflects an empowered person. By dressing well, it shows that she is able to make time to take care of herself while being able to meet the demands of the society, like her career .

Maggie Wilson
Maggie Wilson
While the original target buyers of Get Spotted are only the Bacolodnons, Get Spotted has reached a nationwide scope with buyers from Manila, Laguna, Pangasinan, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao.
This country-wide reach is also because of Maggie Wilson-Consunji, one of our favorite bloggers for Get Spotted as well as our fashion inspiration for our collections. We are avid followers of her blog, which she started only June of this year. She has started this blog since a lot of her followers always ask her what she is wearing.

We believe that she is a personification of an empowered woman, having accomplished a lot at such a young age! At 23, she is a beauty queen, an MTV VJ, an actress, a TV & Events host, and a businesswoman with her swimwear line called Wanderlust. All that plus being a mom and wife. And now, add being a blogger to that long list. Her style is classic and sexy. However, every now and then she plays dress up and surprise people with a quirky outfit. She loves clothes that she can wear more than once and that are flattering to her body. These are the exact ideas that Get Spotted tries to embody. And did we mention that Maggie is also a Bacolodnon?

While we get fashion inspiration from her, she said she gets fashion inspiration from literally everything. She said, “For example, if I watch a movie which is set in the 1950’s I would most likely go and wear an outfit expressing my take on that era. It could also be from what my son is wearing for the day, I’d try to put a look together that’s similar with his. I also love looking at other fashion blogs for inspiration.” Among her fashion icons are Thassia Naves, Ashley Madekwe, Olivia Palermo and Chiara Ferragni.

As noted in her pictures, it is evident that Maggie Wilson-Consunji totally loves what she is doing, that’s why her blog statistics keep going up and her number of followers is growing. In the same way, we hope that this would happen with Get Spotted too.

For decades, various methods have been adopted by consumers to meet their shopping needs. We’ve had mail order catalogs, home tv shopping, over the phone, on your doorstep and the like. For now, the internet has by far the widest coverage and the laptop is the fastest and most convenient tool for shopping. What will happen in the next decade or so we will never know. For now, it is safe to say that internet shopping is here to stay. So everytime you browse the internet, do not forget: It’s a crowded world, so Get Spotted.