The sun lights up this shack – at night


There in the upper reaches of Concepcion, Talisay, somewhere besides a dying river, two light bulbs shine from a shack rising in a bamboo grove. Electricity has reached this unreachable place, no thanks to the power company.

New light in their lives, Levi and Gina Villanueva.*

Electricity is here courtesy of the sun. It is one of the 27 places where Rep. Albee Benitez installed solar plates. These plates trap the sun’s energy and provide power enough for two bulbs and a radio from 6 p.m. to 10 pm to Gina and Levi Villanueva and their three children.

Their children can now study properly, the couple said, and they are finally connected to the world, getting news and other updates from their radio. Literally and figuratively, those solar panels have lit up their lives.