They plant mangroves for the future and grow mussels for livelihood.


[They also help heal the earth and preserve our fishing culture]

The Tuburan Fisherfolks and Mangrove Dev’t Association headed by Felix Salem is reclaiming the sea for their future, not with massive machines, but with their own bare hands. They’re planting mangroves to rebuild the fishing habitat off the old Tuburan Gamay.

In the process, they help preserve the environment and even our disappearing fishing cultural practices.

They cleared the land that used to be a dumping ground of all sorts of waste and turned it into a mini-resort with cottages.

`In building the breeding grounds for green and brown mussels, they deployed the wisdom of the ages, and kept old traditions alive. To plant the poles for on which the mussels can grow, they found that particular period of time the winds change from amihan to habagat, or from habagat to amihan, when the sea is all calm, panglantap-lantap as they say in the dialect. This is the period when the mussels spawn, and the books no longer say when exactly this happens. Because of climate change, this period can no longer be planned in months, but by feel, by some sense developed by their instincts as fisher folks.

One of the associations Rep. Albee Benitez with a tie-up with the Department of Labor and Employment in assisting the group organized to help themselves.