East Pala-pala

Lato, or seagrapes.*

This is one seafood SuToKil place that even Julia Child would love. Using nothing but fresh ingredients and salt and a minimum of seasonings, East Pala-Pala offers simple seafoods that, as Child once wrote, tasted of the sea. The food, like the place, is unpretentious but properly done – they have none of the affectations [read: seasonings] that most seafood places deploy to preserve the meats. They’re done the simple ways of ordinary folks: SUgba, grilled; TOla, boil; KILaw, cook in acids.

Shells soup

It has kept faith in our old ways, which is perhaps why many people find a certain affinity with it.

Must try: the Lato, sea grapes, when its available. Dipped in nothing else but vinegar, the seaweeds explode with the taste of the sea in your mouth.

Grilled liempo

East PalaPala is at Dona Juliana subdivision, along the road that goes out to the circumferential road.