Covid-19 rages. But so does hope.


Instead of being paralyzed, people are standing up and facing the new realities that Covid-19 brought — lockdown, hunger, loss of income, boooredom, uncertainty and all
Herein are the images from the Covid-19 landscape in Bacolod, grabbed from Facebook: jigsaw pieces in a sweeping portrait of a people refusing to give up hope and instead spread love and charity:

Artists mounting fund-raisers. Creative people designing and manufacturing masks and face sheilds. Friends coming together to raise funds. Officials mapping out strategies. Non-government organizations as well as pols going around distributing food packs and even dried and fresh fish and fresh chickens. Food delivery systems suddenly booming.
Once more, Bacolenos like the rest of Pinoys, are proving that they will always rise to the challenges that come their way

People have locked themselves up, but they have not been as close as they are now, the distance dissolved by the internet where they now meet and play. Artists, bless them, may be cooped up in their homes but they continue to pursue their art through on-line entertainment and exhibitions. With the entire world, no exception, facing the same unseen enemy, people have become one, together.

*Batpto, Bacolod, Bato! Fight on, Bacolod. A call first used in the 2004 MassKara festival.

Photos by Donna May Yatco, Jaz Wyatt Santillan Post, Queen Jey Post