OUR NEW GOVERNMENT CENTERS: Symbols of power – and beauty, modernization


Photos by Dorothy Gotico

A town or city hall is undoubtedly a symbol of power.

In recent years, it has also come to symbolize beauty, stability and modernization as promoted by the New Government Center of Bacolod, which is still the most prominent structure and most photographed that dominates the landscape of the city of smiles.

But just as symbolic of the strides of local governments in terms of stability and catching up with the times are the new town and city halls of several other local government units around the province. They have also come to symbolize beauty, blending form and function, and serving as beacons of inspiration in their respective areas.

Here’s a glimpse to the newest and grandest local government structures.


Entering the eco-friendly City Hall of San Carlos City, located north of the province, gives one a great sense of space and airiness. This imposing structure that is slightly elevated from the ground has cooler temperature and open windows. It was built in 1992 and was completed in 1994. It is one of the most beautiful government centers in the province.


Considered as a trendsetter in creating a workplace conductive to productivity, the City Hall of Sagay City has a grand hallway and is designed to cater to the needs of the people in a convenient manner. It was constructed more than a decade ago and its founders have long passed away, but this simple yet elegantly designed structure continues to serve the Sagaynons in many ways.


Binalbagan which is 62 kilometers from Bacolod City has a newly renovated town hall. It is painted in a light shade of peach which is very pleasing to the eye. What is intriguing in this immense structure is the snake housed securely inside the building. Legend has it that a huge snake once blocked the mouth of the Binalbagan River, and the place has since then been named Binalabagan which eventually evolved into Binalbagan.


Farther south, the towering City Hall of Kabankalan City is a sight to behold as it rises amidst field of green. The building stands resplendent in colors green, yellow green and beige. It has turrents that remind people of a medieval castle. The place comes across as oozing with serenity and lightness, with landscaping inside and out.


In the deep south is the New Government Center of Sipalay City. This building is the newest and one of the biggest government centers in the province. The most attractive feature of this massive structure that usually draws attention is the winding staircase’s perfect symmetry, designed artistically. It is set amid the backdrop of mountains and plains and has a dome in the middle that looms majestic against the sky.*